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This system is the property of the CareStar acting on behalf of the Ohio Department of Medicaid and
is for authorized use only. By providing the information required for access, you are certifying that you are the person identified by these items. If you are not that person, you are not authorized to access this system and should exit now.

If you have not been specifically authorized to receive the information that you are attempting to access you are in violation of federal or state law, or both, and must exit this system immediately. If we suspect a violation we may report it to the appropriate federal or state authorities.

To help protect the integrity and security of our system and to help prevent and detect potential fraud or abuse of the system, we reserve the right to view, monitor and record your activity on this system. By continuing to access this system you are consenting to such viewing, monitoring or recording. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


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My Ohiohcp Help My Ohiohcp Help


1. What is My Ohiohcp?
2. Who can use My Ohiohcp?
3. How do I create a My Ohiohcp account?
4. Whose info do I use to create an account?
5. Is my SS# necessary to create an account?
6. Can our agency create multiple accounts?
7. Why must I provide an email address?
8. Does My Ohiohcp cost anything?
9. Can anyone else see my pages?
10. How do I unlock my account?
11. How do I get a new password?
12. What if my question was not answered?

1. What is My Ohiohcp?  
My Ohiohcp is a website that organizes all your important Ohio Home Care program information onto one private, individualized page. It includes important records, forms, tools, surveys, news and updates, contact information and more.

My Ohiohcp also offers a personal page which you can customize to fit your own preferences. This includes the ability to change the page layout and add or remove any content you want, such as news, local weather, jokes, baseball scores, religious quotes, games and much more!

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2. Who can use My Ohiohcp?
All active individuals and providers in the Ohio Home Care Program have access to a personal myOhiohcp account. Each individual’s page is private and unable to be accessed by anyone else in the program.

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3. How do I create a My Ohiohcp account?
If you are active in the Ohio Home Care Program, you are automatically eligible for My Ohiohcp. To register, click the “Create Account” button on the left.  When you are finished entering your information you will receive further instructions to log in for the first time.

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4. Whose information do I use when creating a My Ohiohcp account?
When creating a Individual or Provider account for YOURSELF, you must use all your own information. When creating a Individual account for someone else, you must use the Individual’s…

1. First and Last Name
2. Social Security Number
3. Date-of-Birth

You can use your own Email Address (important program info will be sent to this email address) and choose Security Questions that YOU know the answer to (you will have to answer one of these security questions each time you log into the Individual’s account).

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5. Do I HAVE to provide my Social Security Number (Fed ID #) when creating an account?
YES (unless you are an agency – then provide your agency’s Federal ID Number). We assure that My Ohiohcp is a secure website which meets all HIPPAA requirements (you can read about our security features and policies on the "Welcome" page). We have never had an issue with security or identity theft.We already have your Social Security Number in our files -- we just need you to enter it when creating your account so we can verify that it matches our records (this actually PROTECTS your security when creating the account, because it ensures your information is correct).

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6. Can our agency’s employees each create their own My Ohiohcp account?
No. You can only create one My Ohiohcp account per office location. This means employees at each office location must share their My Ohiohcp account information with one another (multiple people can be logged into the same account simultaneously).

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7. Why must I provide a valid email? 
The email address you provide during the "Create Account" process will be used to send you confidential Ohio Home Care Program information including individuals' All Services Plans.

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8. Does My Ohiohcp cost anything?
No. It is totally free for individuals who are active in the Ohio Home Care Program.

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9. Can anyone else see my My Ohiohcp pages?
No. Your personal pages are kept private and no one will have access to them at any time, for any reason.

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10. I received a message that my My Ohiohcp account is locked – how do I unlock it?
Click the “Forgot Password” link underneath the “Sign In” button in the Sign In box on the left, then follow the on-screen instructions.

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11. I am unable to log into my My Ohiohcp account – how do I get a new Password?
Click the “Forgot Password” link underneath the “Sign In” button in the Sign In box on the left, then follow the on-screen instructions.

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12. What if I have a question that was not answered?
Email and you will receive a prompt response.

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